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We hand-convert your image to vector format, allowing you to use your logo or image for print industry or merchandising needs! Raster images of any kind (JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, PDF, etc), Line art, Illustrations, Drawings, Photoshop files, Business logos, and much more! We have thousands of jobs under our belt! If you don't know how to vectorize an image - you've come to the right place!

Services: JPG to vector, JPEG to vector, GIF to vector, PNG to Vector, logo to vector, PDF to vector, etc - we will take your image of almost any type, and convert it to vector! Our service provides:

You may be thinking, "Sounds super"...but...don't take our word for it, read what our customers are saying about Vector Factory! We've been doing this for a long time - we do it right - we do it by hand - experienced artists who have a keen eye for quality! Can you find vector conversion for less? Absolutely - but keep in mind many companies use "auto-conversion" software which results in much less quality and detail. Let us hand-convert your image, giving it the quality and attention it deserves!

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How our vector conversion process works:

Vector Conversion Process


Vector Conversion Information

Rasters, Vectors, JPGs (JPEG), Vector can all be very confusing. How can you possibly expect to know which one you need? They're all just images, right? It's a little more complicated than that. Luckily, we're here to help! Vector images are useful when you need your image to be resized while maintaining clarity. When you need your image to be printed larger than it actually is, you need a Vector image or your image will distort and become fuzzy (pixelated). While this might not be very noticeable on a computer monitor, it can have a devastating effect on larger advertising or the creation of merchandise. (coffee mugs, t-shirts, billboard ads, car wraps, posters, etc.)

What If You Don't Have a Vector Image?

We can create one for you! We can take your existing raster image and convert it into a vector image! You have found the best vector conversion service on the web! Still need convincing? Read our testimonials and reviews.

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