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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Vector Conversion?

Vector Conversion is the process of taking an image that is made up of dots (like jpgs, gifs, bmps, etc) and converting them into vector images, which are made up of geometric shapes and computer instructions (lines, curves, polygons, etc.) Vector images do not distort or blur when enlarged. You can read more on vector conversion here.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the image complexity - the more complex the image, the more time it takes to hand-convert the image, thus a higher cost. The majority of simple images can cost $7-$19. More complex images having more detail can cost more. Very simple, one color images can be as low as $6. The cost can also vary depending on the options you select when you upload the image (long term storage, permanent storage, mailing an SD card, CD or USB drive). Repeat customers also receive a discount! (See badge information below)

How do I get a quote?

Simply register a free account! After you register, you will receive an email with a link to click on to validate your email account - then just login and upload your image for a free quote!

Can I download my vector file?

Yes! As soon as the job is completed, you will receive an email with a link to download your file(s). All completed jobs can be downloaded from your account for 90 days - even longer if you selected an optional storage plan (see below). We also can ship you the file(s) on CD or USB drive (optional).

Should I purchase long term or permanent storage?

Vector Factory stores your original image, revisions, proof(s) and final vector files for 90 days by default. Many of our competitors simply email you the file and don't even keep a backup - but server storage is very expensive so all jobs are stored and available for you to download for the default 90 days. We also offer long term, or permanent storage for each job. If you purchase long term storage, we will keep your job files for 1 year - and permanent storage is just that, we don't remove it. If your job exceeds the storage time, the completed vector files are automatically archived and moved offline to save storage space. We charge $10 to recover files from the archive because this is a manual process, and we make no guarantees we can recover your files. We only charge the $10 if we can successfully recover your files. So while some people can maintain their own backup files, we've had many customers rely on our storage when they have lost or their own files due to accidental deletion or computer failure.

What is the process?

You can see the vector conversion process here, or continue reading for the nitty-gritty.

Our website is designed to streamline the conversion process. Once you create a free account, you simple upload your image for a free quote. Your image is quoted and you will be emailed the quote. To proceed with the conversion, you simply log in, select the image job you want to pay for and process payment. The image is then assigned to an artist who will hand-convert your image. When your proof is done, the artist will upload it to your account and the system will email you letting you know the proof is ready. Simply log in, review the proof and either accept it, or decline it. If you accept it, the artist will attach your final vector zip file within 24 hours and you will be notified by email when you can download it. If you decline the proof, you provide the artist any details or changes you'd like. Easy!

How long does it take?

There are many variables in how long this process can take - but we typically have most jobs done (or 1st proof delivered) in 24-48 hours, often times the same day. Things that can affect the turnaround time are:

  1. Time of day payment is received (Payment starts the job process)
  2. Complexity of image (Complex images take longer)
  3. How timely the customer reviews the proof or replies to questions
  4. How many (if any) changes are requested

Do you offer rush service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer rush service at this time. Although we've considered it, there are things that are out of our control that could affect the turnaround time. For instance, the time of day we receive the job, the time for a customer to review a proof or reply to a question, or if we need to work with an image with very low resolution.

What software do I need?

If you just need a vector file to send to your printer/vendor, you don't need any software. But if you want to open the vector file, make changes, etc. please refer to our recommended software page.

Can I see examples?

Absolutely! You can see some vector conversion examples here. Keep in mind these are JPG image screenshots so we can display what the vector file looks like in your web browser.

Why is my proof shown as a JPG?

Web browsers cannot display your vector file so we take screen shots of the vector image, and display it in the browser so you can see how the final vector file will look. Since the proof is just a JPG, it will distort/blur if you enlarge it, but the final vector file provided will not.

Can ALL vector files be enlarged without distortion/blurring?

A 100% vector file will not distort when enlarged, but if a vector file contains raster effects, those effects can distort when enlarged. Raster effects (JPG quality effects) can be added to vector images. These are things like shading, reflections, drop shadows, etc. We recommend this be avoided if possible. If these effects need to be used, the customer should inform us of the largest intended size for the image, so we can apply the effects at that size so there will be no distortion at that size.

Can you convert a photograph to vector format?

Yes we can, but hand-converted photos will be much more expensive, take longer, and will lose detail. We also offer an auto-photo conversion process. This will give you more detail in the converted photo, but it will also make the vector file more difficult to work with if you plan on making changes to it with vector software later. Contact support if you are interested in the auto-conversion process for photographs.

What does the badge in my account mean?

We appreciate your business, and reward customers with discounts - the more completed jobs you have, the more potential discount. These are our badges:

You have zero completed jobs

You have 1-9 completed jobs

You have 10-99 completed jobs

You have 100+ completed jobs

Job Queues - History, Archive and Migrated

There are four different areas your job can appear in your account. If your job was just uploaded, quoted or is in-progress, it will appear in the "Account Queue". Once a job is completed, it will be moved to the "History Queue". When a job exceeds its storage limit, it is automatically archived to save storage space - moving from the History Queue to the Archived Queue. (See FAQ on long term and permanent storage). If you had jobs from our previous website that did not exceed the storage limits, they were moved into the "Migrated Queue".

Will you do bulk jobs?

Yes. We consider anything over 10 images to be a "bulk" job. If you have a bulk job, please start the process by contacting customer service using our support page.

PayPal questions/issues

PayPal is our payment processor. You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase a vector conversion job - you can use a credit card. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with PayPal, you can contact them at (888) 221-1161.

I cannot open the vector file you sent me.

Vector files require special software to open and edit. Some software programs can open a vector file but cannot edit the vector attributes. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator to open and edit vector files: Recommended Software


Still have questions? We're here to help! Please contact support.