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  • Patch to Vector Format

    5.00 of 1 votes

    For this job we hand converted a photo of a material patch to a vector file for engraving.

  • Beer Brand Logo Vectorized

    5.00 of 1 votes

    This hand converted beer brand logo to vector format had many details to retain.

  • Vector image created from t-shirt

    5.00 of 1 votes

    This customer wanted the image on the t-shirt hand converted to vector format.

  • Patchwork converted to vector format

    5.00 of 1 votes

    This photo of a patch/material was converted to a one color vector file. 

  • Why should you use Vector Factory?

    5.00 of 1 votes

    Great question! First, let's compare apples to apples - please don't compare us to "free" online vector conversion websites. Why? These websites are not doing "hand" conversions by a professional artist. They spit out a vector file, yes, but the quality cannot be compared to hand converting. Also, what if you need changes? Different colors? Perhaps you need an outline file for engraving? These free online services fall short - very short. Let's talk about other services that offer hand conversion as we do - many of them use email only - you email them your file, they email back, you email back with changes, they email back...not very streamlined or effective. Many of them do not have professional artists or provide direct communication with them. Our customers constantly tell us how much they appreciate our quick response to support questions. One of the biggest benefits to our service is the history of your jobs on our website - see the communication of past jobs, instructions, etc. If you ever lose your file(s), we also offer services to retrieve your file from our archive server. You can check our our comparison to other services as well. Our website provides a streamlined approach to the entire process - once you create your account, you can: Upload your image for a free quote, with all of your selections and instructions Provide payment for one job, or multiple jobs Communicate directly with the artist assigned to your job Accept/decline proofs provided by the artist Download your vector file from your email notification, or your account In addition to a streamlined vector conversion process, we also provide 90 days of free storage for your vector file(s). You can also purchase long term storage (1 year), or permanent storage. If you want your vector file mailed to your home, we offer mailing your files on SD Card, USB drive or Optical CD. We encourage you to try our services - read our FAQ and check out what other customers have to say about Vector Factory. Have a question? Please let us know - we are happy to help!

  • Engraving Vector Conversion

    5.00 of 1 votes

    This customer needed a vector file for engraving.

  • Removal of color and shadows for engraving vector file

    5.00 of 1 votes

    The color and shadows were removed for this customer who needed an vector image for engraving.

  • Highly detailed vector conversion

    5.00 of 1 votes

    This highly detailed image was converted to vector maintaining the details of the original.

  • Several vector images created from one original

    5.00 of 1 votes

    For an engraving project this customer needed several versions created in vector format from the original image.

  • Tiki Logo converted to vector

    5.00 of 1 votes

    This logo was converted from raster format to vector format

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