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Vector Conversion

We convert your logo, JPG and images to Vector format. Raster to Vector conversion is our specialty! Read our frequently asked questions and check out our examples! We have hundreds of before and afters in our blog!

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Vector Factory

Read about Vectory Factory and why you should use our services. See why we have thousands of happy customers from around the world! Read the Vector Factory reviews.

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Great Pricing!

Find out how affordable our services are! Quality services for a quality price! Read our frequently asked questions for pricing information.

Why should I Vectorize my image/logo?

Raster images (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc) will pixelate and distort when you enlarge them because they are made up of dots, much like newspaper print. Vector images do not have this problem and can be enlarged to almost any needed size!

The vector conversion services out there don't compare to Vector Factory. We store your files for 90 days for free! We offer extended and permanent storage options, and can mail your files to you (in addition to download) on CD, USB or SD card! Communicate directly with the artist working on your job, and enjoy our streamlined website for completing your vector conversion project.

Check out some examples you can use your vector image for:


Put your vectorized logo on t-shirts, coffee cups, pens, or any merchandise you want to use for marketing your business! Cricut maker or Cricut machines use vector images!

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Go big! If you need a vectorized image for your billboard advertising, you've come to the right place!

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Vehicle Wraps

Car wraps are a popular way to advertise, and many companies need your logo in vector format to produce the vinyl wrap.

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You can create raster images for your website, videos, or media from your vector file without losing image quality!

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Many processes require images to be in vector format, like engraving and CNC work. We can vectorize your image for your engraving or CNC projects!

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Once your image is vectorized, you can produce raster images at any size for your website, stationary, envelopes and more!

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Vector Factory

Easy Vector Conversion

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Vector Factory Website

Our website allows you to communicate directly with the artist working on your project, review your proofs, request changes, and download your completed final vector files!

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Professional Artists

It pays off to use a professional the first time! Many of our clients come to us to correct problems from other companies - let us give you a quality, affordable vector conversion!

Merchandise and Promotional Products

Vector Factory is an affiliate partner with Printful! Get your vector images printed or embroidered!

Let us convert your image to vector and then you can slap that vector on merchandise and promotional material! Design for yourself or your business!

Check out all the products you can use your design on!

Have questions?

We are here to help! Check out our support and detailed frequently asked questions.